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who’s been born and brought up in Mumbai and who stuck cinematic gold in Tamil and Telugu cinema. The best way to strike up a conversation with her is to ask her why she has a South Indian accent. “I don’t,” she protests. She does, but like the laugh, you can get used to it too. 
Between it all, she is also obsessed with cricket – and not IPL, but the real test version of the game. And she’s distraught about the walloping the Indian team recently received in England. Only unlike you, she has not suddenly started braying for their blood. Not yet anyway. She has more faith.

As far as her return to Bollywood is concerned, she looks at it more as a homecoming and as a natural progression more than anything else. However, she is now much more careful about what she says than she was before, ever since purists in the Tamil and Telugu industry threatened to ban her. Agarwal though is clear that she does not want to descend onto screens sporting a bikini anytime soon – just to look glamorous. She doesn’t really need to (refer to cover picture for reference). But she’d tell you she has her reservations, and then laughs about never having kissed onscreen. She did cheat a kiss once though, she teases. 


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